Lassen Youth Soccer League

U10 Soccer Rules

All Under 10 age groups shall be played according to LYS By Laws and Rules and Regulations with the following modifications:

I. Field of Play & Goals

A. The field of play will be rectangular in shape with the length of the field exceeding the width. The field will be no more than 47 yards in length. The field will be no more than 30 yards in width.

B. The center circle will be marked with a 6 yard radius.

C. The goal area is defined at each end of the field as the area within 2 lines drawn at right angles to the goal line 3 yards from the inside of each goalpost and extending into the field of play for a distance of 3 yards and joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line.

D. The penalty area is defined at each end of the field as the area within 2 lines drawn at right angles to the goal line 7 yards from the inside of each goalpost and extending into the field of play for a distance of 10 yards and joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line.

E. Within each penalty area the penalty mark will be 7 yards from the midpoint between the goalposts and equidistant to them.

F. Refer to the Cal North Modified Laws of the Game Cal North Team Manual and website to view a diagram of Under 9/10 small sided field dimensions & markings.

G. Per US Soccer the goals are recommended to be 6.5 feet x 18.5 feet. Goals must be the same size on either end of the field.

H. The "Build-Out Line" shall be drawn across the width of the field 14 yards from the end line and be in a different color from the other markings on the field.

II. Ball

A. The ball will be a size 4 ball

III. Number of Players

A. Teams will play a maximum of 7 players per team on the field (one of whom is a goal keeper).

B. Teams will play a minimum of 5 players per team on the field.

IV. Duration of Game

A. Regulation length game halves will be two 25-minute halves with a 10 minute half time.

V. Competition

A. Governing laws

1. All games will be governed by FIFA Laws of the Game and those rules included in the US Youth Soccer Rules and Cal North Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures, Specific Rules and PIMs unless the rules of Lassen Youth Soccer specify otherwise.

B Substitutions

1. Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed.

2. Players may be substituted at any stoppage regardless of possession.

3. A substitute shall not enter the field of play until he/she has been given a signal to do so by the referee.

C. Team Bench and Spectator Areas

1. Both teams' bench areas will be on the same side of the field, and coaching from the sideline will not be permitted except as in accordance with FIFA directives.

2. The coaching box (or technical area) shall be established as being 5 yards from the mid-field stripe and extending toward the goal on each side for a distance of 10 yards. Coaches are required to remain in this area throughout the match unless called out of it by the referee.

3. No individual is allowed on the team side of the field in these games unless they are credentialed members of one of the teams participating in the game.

4. Coaches must remain in their Bench Area (Coach's box) at all times during the match unless called out by the Referee.

5. Spectator areas will be established on the opposite side of the field.

6. Coaching from the Spectator area shall NOT be allowed.

D. Rules of Play

1. Games will be ruled by the official Laws of the Game used in the U13-U19 games in regards to fouls on the field.

2. Slide tackling is allowed as long as it is not from behind.

3. Players/teams improperly throwing the ball into play will lose possession. No retaking of throws is permitted.

4. Goal kicks may be taken anywhere within the goals box (not the penalty box). Once the ball is set, it cannot be moved again. Opponents must be outside the penalty box.

5. Off-side infractions WILL be called during the match per FIFA laws and directives.

6. No deliberate heading is allowed in this age group.

E. Fouls and Misconduct

1. Both direct kick (goal can be scored directly) and indirect kick (goal may only be scored after touching a second player - from either team) restarts will be allowed. This includes the awarding of a Penalty Kick in the appropriate circumstances.

2. Fouls resulting in a direct free kick:

a Fouls by the hand: Handling the ball, holding, pushing, striking the opponent intentionally.

b Fouls by the feet: Tripping, kicking and jumping at the opponent intentionally.

c Fouls by the body: Charging from behind, violent charging.

3. Fouls resulting in an indirect free kick:

a. All fouls not covered above.

F. Build Out Line

1. To promote playing the ball out of the back. When the goalkeeper has the ball (either during play or from a goal kick) the opposing team will need to drop behind the build out line.

2. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate (no punting will be allowed). The goalkeeper may opt for a quick restart if he/she so chooses.

3. After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal.

G. Restart of Game

1. Opponents must be at least 8 yards from the ball when the game is restarted by a kick.

2. Opponents must be at least 8 yards from the corner arc on a corner kick.

H. Playing Time

1. Teams must adhere to the District 9 minimum playing time policy and allow players to participate in a minimum of 50% play time in each match.(full policy can be found on the District website:

2. The exception to this rule is if a coach is administering disciplinary action upon a player for behavior. If such disciplinary action is being administered, the coach MUST report such action to the LYS Player Agent.

3. Coaches failing to adhere to this playing rule may face disciplinary action by the Lassen Youth Soccer Board of Directors.