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Open registration is now CLOSED for the fall 2018 soccer season. If you missed registration and would like to get your child on the waitlist, click "Register Player" in the right column. It will walk you through the registration process, except you will not be charged. If there is an open spot on a team, we will accept players in the order they registered to the waitlist, you will receive an email notification, and your card will be charged at the point of acceptance off the waitlist.


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LYS Letter to the Editor of Lassen County Times
Posted Apr 27, 2018

Lassen Youth Soccer is gearing up for an exciting and very full fall season with registration just around the corner (Children’s Fair, May 5 in Jensen Hall; online May 1 – June 2). A $10 discount per player will be applied to all who register May 1-5. Now to the inside scoop that many have wanted to know. 

As many are aware, Lassen Youth Soccer Board of Directors made the tough decision to refrain from organizing and operating a spring 2018 season. “Shocked.” “Perplexed.” “Frustrated.” “Disappointed.” “Relieved.” These are all terms that likely describe the reaction of many parents in the community who love the game and whose kids love to play. “Why did you cancel it?” was the question thought by many and asked by some. It’s the right question for which the answer must now be made and heard loud and clear. 

Without mincing words, here is the reason in one vastly significant word––volunteers! Simply put, we need more of them! Like so many youth organizations and programs, Lassen Youth Soccer is 100% volunteer run (referees excepted), this includes the Board of Directors (BOD). No, the Board Members do not get paid. Board Members have full time jobs and home family life to manage too, as well do our volunteer coaches, team parents, and referees. We owe a great deal of thanks to our coaches, team parents, referees and Board Members of the past and those serving presently who have volunteered their valuable time to make youth soccer available to all the children of Lassen County. 

That being said, we’ve seen our coach volunteers and referees become increasingly difficult to acquire. It’s not just a LYS issue, it’s across the board a youth sports issue that reaches even beyond Lassen County. With limited volunteers taking on more of the workload (Board Members filling multiple rolls, coaches taking on two and sometimes three teams, referee shortages for filling every game) we run the very real risk of volunteer burnout. Acquiring coaches and referees has become increasingly more difficult; “like pulling teeth,” as the saying goes. 

The spring season over the past few years has become the most difficult for acquiring volunteers, to the point that we have needed to overload teams with players, or nearly refund players because there wasn’t enough room on a team for lack of coaches. And with half the amount of players as the fall season (and slowly decreasing with each spring), LYS BOD decided that the halting of spring season would be a rest it’s volunteers needed and hopefully a shot in the arm to fuel future seasons. 

A big thanks to parents, players, coaches, and referees for making the 2017 fall season relatively problem-free. We’re looking forward to this season being full of players and exciting experiences. With your help we can make it possible.

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